INTERVIEW: D.L. Marble talks Arizona songwriting inspiration

D.L. Marble in Sayulita, Mexico
Exclusive photo for Americana Express of D.L. Marble in Sayulita, Mexico

When you think of hotbeds of Americana music, where does Arizona rank on your list?  As the Americana Express train stopped in Arizona, a conversation unfolded with the rising Americana bandleader from Tempe, D.L. Marble, about the unique Arizonan influences on the Americana music scene.


How does the concept of  “place” factor in D.L. Marble’s music and songwriting?   Marble’s casual response was, “We’re what I call Sonoran rock and roll, a mix of Marty Robbins ballads and rock and roll rhythms.”  


“We played 30 shows last year in Mexico, we’re only a couple hours from the mountains in Arizona and another couple hours from LA, Colorado, and Texas.  All those landscapes are inspiring and rich with experiences.”


“My best friend -- my brother — and I wrote a few songs on the upcoming album together; he lives down in Key West. I can really relate to any landscape, but even though I’m from the mountains of Arizona, I feel most at home on the beach.”


“The Arizona Americana music scene is thriving and there are a lot of influences right here: Glenn Campbell, Marty Robbins, the Gin Blossoms, and Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers.”


Marble is working on a new album with producer Eric “Roscoe” Ambel (Cowboy Technical Services).  Marble and his bass player recently recorded some tracks at in Brooklyn at Ambel’s studio, but in a few weeks, Ambel will fly to Tempe to finish the album, because, Marble says “we want to capture the Tempe sound.”


The new album is due out in late spring.  In terms of touring and supporting the release, Marble says, “I’ve played some solo shows recently with BJ from American Aquarium and Shooter Jennings.  We plan to do some shows with full band and other as a more bare bones configuration, so we can reach a wider audience.  Ultimately our music is about the songs, and the songs can translate in a variety of ways.” 


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